“As a result of the ERORS Incorporated audit, the City received total refunds in excess of one million dollars due to incorrect billing on the telecommunications accounts. In addition, the on-going monthly telecommunications costs were reduced by approximately twenty-five percent (25%)
ERORS provided service in a professional manner with minimal disruption and limited involvement from the Staff of the City ”

“ERORS Inc. performed a review of our telecommunications records, which resulted in a refund to the Region in excess of $500,000 dollars.
Throughout a lengthy CRTC review process, ERORS staff maintained a high level of professionalism and perseverance. Their dedication and negotiating skills delivered every penny we had claimed.
I have no hesitation in recommending ERORS Inc.”

“ERORS Inc. conducted a comprehensive audit of our communications charges. Based on the audit EROS was able to secure a substantial refund for the Region. In addition, the correction to our billing will result in a large annual reduction in our communication costs.

ERORS conducted the audit in a very professional manner. We are very pleased with the work that was done.”

“Thank you for your efforts on our behalf in auditing our telecommunications bills. We received significant refunds for both data and voice bills, as well as ongoing monthly savings. As promised, minimal City staff time was required to support your efforts, and your knowledge of CRTC tariffs was quite impressive. We were able to put the refund to good use, updating our traffic engineering network infrastructure.”

“Thank you for your efforts in completing our telecommunications billing audit. Within three months from the initial contact, we received a sizable refund from our vendor. This amount represents overbillings from our data portion of the account.

Your service required little staff involvement and was completed in a professional, timely manner.”

“ERORS expertise and knowledge regarding tariff and billing issues has been a benefit to our Telecommunications Department, and the substantial refund and associated monthly savings are important to the corporation.
The minimal disruption and limited time required from our staff was also greatly appreciated.”

“For very little effort on our part, we have, through your efforts, optimized our communications services and received a rebate from our vendors at the same time. We have neither the resources nor the in-depth knowledge of service options to allow us to achieve these results ourselves.
You and your staff performed this task quickly and professionally.”

“We are satisfied with the efforts put forth by ERORS Inc., and expect we will use their services again.

As such we have no concerns in recommending them to other companies.”

“Going into this project, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical that we would receive a refund. After discussing the terms of reference with you and getting a better understanding of the type of audit you would conduct it was obvious to me that this was a no lose opportunity for the Company. You certainly did deliver on our agreement.
The skills and knowledge you use to conduct this audit is not the type of skill that we require from our staff. The services you provided complimented those of our internal communications resources. I would not imagine having these skills on staff. It is a very specialized area that I believe is best suited to a subject matter expert such as yourself.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very successful telecommunications audit you performed for the City. Through your efforts you optimized our communications services, allowed us to receive a substantial rebate from our vendor, and to also realize an ongoing monthly savings in our billings.
The audit was conducted in a very responsible and professional manner. The project was conducted promptly and with very little interruption or time commitments from City staff.”

“This letter will confirm our appreciation of the telecommunications audit that was undertaken by ERORS Inc.

Mr Don Wright, who was responsible for this project, demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and timeliness. This initiative was conducted promptly without interruption to staff and City resources. I have no hesitation in recommending ERORS to perspective clients, and look forward to future mutually beneficial dealings with ERORS.”

“The one time recovery of overpayments plus accrued interest and the future savings our organization will achieve because of your efforts are substantial to us. The advice for even further future savings will be kept in mind as we continue to grow in size and in telecommunications requirements.”

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