What does ERORS need from us to perform a Telecom Expense Audit?

ERORS requires a signed contract and Letter of Authorization (both of which can be provided upon request in advance), access to your Telecom accounts payable files, and copies of any contracts between the client and Telco provider(s).

How much staff time is required to assist ERORS?

Unlike traditional audits, ERORS completes the review off site with no disruption to staff or Telecom services. An initial visit is required to collect billing records and contracts – ERORS staff does the necessary copying on site. Once we have collected the necessary information from the Client and Telco provider(s), we may have questions from time to time and/or schedule progress meeting. Should ERORS identify over billing in your accounts, we may require access to past billing records to ensure you receive the maximum refunds/credits – ERORS staff does the necessary copying on site. Please review our testimonials, where several clients confirm the minimal effort required on their part.

Why should we hire ERORS when we have our own IT staff and solid management practices?

It is not uncommon for our clients to be skeptical about the benefits of this service. However, it has been our experience that the majority of our Clients, do not have the time or staff to review each charge in detail. Billing errors can be complicated and require a proficient understanding of Tariffs, Regulatory issues, Contract law, and Telco billing methods. Recent deregulation in the Telecommunications industry has resulted in new opportunities to significantly reduce Telecom expenses. Based on over 250 completed audits, ERORS has the experience and knowledge to identify complicated billing errors, and is current on Competitive Pricing available in the marketplace. In addition, we have many satisfied clients who will attest to the positive results of our audit services and we will be happy to provide you with references to contact.

What can we expect to receive from ERORS at the completion of the audit?

Throughout the course of the audit, ERORS will provide you with regular status reports. At the conclusion of the audit ERORS will provide a detailed written report and a spreadsheet outlining our findings and results on an account by account basis, both of which will assist you in identifying billing errors and savings opportunities in the future. ERORS does not invoice you until refunds, credits, and/or savings have been applied to your accounts.