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Telecom (Voice, Data, Wireless, LD, Internet) Expense Billing Reviews.

  • In addition to collecting your billing records and contracts, we will request additional information and documentation from your provider(s) to complete the review
  • Perform a detailed line by line review (off site) of all charges billed on a monthly basis
  • Prepare and present a report within 30 days, outlining the opportunities for savings and/or refunds
  • Prepare all claims for over billing, and follow up with your provider until the charges are corrected, and the applicable refunds/credits are received
  • Prepare a summary of services and equipment not in use or not required
  • Prepare disconnect orders for unused services and equipment, and follow up with your provider until charges have been removed from billing records
  • Identify services billed in excess of current competitive market rates
  • Negotiate competitive market rates for your services, including those currently under contract
  • Review your contract terms in advance of you signing
  • Follow up with your provider until the agreed contract pricing is reflected correctly on your monthly statements
  • Prepare and provide monthly status reports
  • Prepare and provide monthly reports detailing refunds/credits, and savings realized from our review
  • Only invoice you when: refunds are received, credits are applied, and savings are reflected on your monthly statements
  • Provide recommendations and training for your staff upon completion

Fees for the above service: Contingency or Daily Rate

Annual Reviews for ERORS Clients

  • At your request we will perform a follow up billing review on an annual basis, and provide a report identifying any overbilling, or new savings opportunities since our last review.

Fees for the above service: Fixed rate determined at the conclusion of our original review.

Contract Negotiations

It has been our experience that most organizations prefer to remain with their current vendor, provided that the service is reliable and the pricing is competitive. Changing vendors can be quite disruptive and time consuming. Due to our involvement with billing reviews on a daily basis, ERORS is current on competitive pricing available in the market. This knowledge alone will often ensure we receive the lowest rates available from your current vendors. In certain cases, it may be necessary to request competitive pricing, through a RFQ or RFP.

Since deregulation in 2008, most organizations are over paying for their services by 30-50%

  • Whether you are entering into new contracts for the first time or renewing existing contracts, ERORS will act on your behalf to negotiate the best pricing and terms available, including adding important clauses to protect your best interests.
  • In many cases during our regular reviews, we renegotiate existing contracts on behalf of our client’s, resulting in substantial savings going forward. ERORS has proven methods that allow our clients to realize savings sooner, without incurring penalties. We can provide this service separately, or as part of a detailed review.

Fees for the above service: Contingency or fixed rate.

Contact us today to arrange a review, and we will provide a report within 30 days. 1-877-599-3412